Would you just look at her? She’s practically bursting off her skin with giddiness and teenage excitement and goofy anticipation. All fidgeting, like she can’t contain want and love for him.  Licking her lips like tasting him more, and getting drunk on this taste.  It has been, what? 20 years, since they have known each other, around 10 years since they have been married, and she still acts like completely smitten with him. Like they have just snogged for the first time and his taste, his warmth, his closeness affects every fiber of senses and nerves in her body. That hunger, that flirting, just ridiculous happiness beaming off her. Because she found her place - by his side, everything she would ever want from life - in his closeness. Once again,  she confirms that he is the one, the one and only. And she has got noticeable lines on her eyes, they have been through so much, death, losses, they grew up, grew old, learned each other anew, and yet that longing for each other remains, unshattered, maybe stronger than ever before. Because now they know that nothing can touch them. That they are invincible. And after all that she still wants him and loves him like  it is their first time.

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